Day: July 6, 2020

China Stokes a Stock-Market Mania, Risking Repeat of 2015 Bubble

(Bloomberg) — The dramatic moves in Chinese stocks over the past week are inviting comparisons with a bubble that burst spectacularly five years ago.

In many ways, the pace of gains matches the market’s melt-up that started in the final weeks of 2014. The CSI 300 Index has now added 14% in five days, the most since December that year. A gauge of momentum on the CSI 300 is also the strongest since late 2014. Shares of brokerages surged as daily turnover exceeded 1.5 trillion yuan ($213 billion) for the first time since 2015, indicating increasing participation from retail investors.

How factories are wooing migrant workers back to work; free flight tickets, food, and more

Freebies from the government aren’t the only factor keeping workers from returning to their previous jobs in cities. (Bloomberg image)

A mass exodus of workers that followed India’s harsh lockdown is forcing businesses to review their labor policies as they try to lure the people back with incentives as the economy reopens. While some companies are promising benefits such as free travel tickets, housing and food to draw workers to urban areas, others are managing by hiring new faces from nearby locations. Some are trying a mix of both. “We have offered food and other incentives to woo them back

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra long-term review: Great expectations but does it meet them?

Galaxy S20 Ultra currently sells in India at a price of Rs 97,999. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh/Financial Express)

The Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t meant for everybody. It isn’t Samsung’s best new flagship phone either (even though it is its most powerful phone). And yet, it is important that it exists today.

The top-end Android smartphone segment isn’t what it used to be a few years ago. With the likes of HTC, BlackBerry, Sony (and even LG) out of the picture, buyers looking for a no holds barred Android phone have only one brand that they can look up to,