Day: October 19, 2020

World’s Biggest Fracker Sees Signs of Rebirth as Slump Ebbs


3 Monster Growth Stocks That Could Reach New Highs

Out on Wall Street, things are always changing. Share prices fluctuate, new players make their market debuts, the macro environment gets shaken up and long-term trends shift. That said, one thing remains the same: growth is the name of the game. Growth stocks consistently score a spot on investors’ wish lists, given their potential to deliver returns. This growth potential goes above and beyond the norm, as these plays have already posted some spectacular gains in 2020, with the upside set to keep on coming in the long run. Knowing

APMC mandis lose grip on Maharashtra FPCs

Since the three farm laws were passed, FPCs in Maharashtra have seen newer markets opening up that were unavailable till now.

Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) in Maharashtra are increasingly bypassing mandis to enter into deals with private players. Some of them dream of building brands in the vegetable business, while others are looking to tap the international market.

Last week, farmers in Buldhana district of Maharashtra met with a pleasant surprise when they got a bonus from a farmer producer company Jai Sardar FPC for selling their maize to them. Jai Sardar had purchased around 3120 quintals from the farmers

Chinese hackers caught running massive malware campaign in guise of McAfee antivirus software: Google

The Chinese group that Google is referring to as APT 31 (short for Advanced Persistent Threat) used email links from where users would download malware.

Google has unearthed a massive malware campaign allegedly run by hackers linked to the Chinese government. In a blog post, Google has shared the modus operandi of the campaign. As per Google, the hackers were running the campaign under the guise of McAfee antivirus software. The hackers seem to be the same group that targeted the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden with a phishing attack earlier this year.

Apart from this, the