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A Guide to Choosing the Right Ruby

Rubies are undoubtedly one of the most sought after, as well as luxurious gemstones on the market. These precious red stones with a shimmering inner light have been associated with beauty, love, and value and it is not surprising that they are loved by many including fashion enthusiasts. Additions, which would detract from the magnetism and attraction of other gemstones can bring an inimitable character to a ruby which can be a great selection for your jewelry piece. Nevertheless, because gem-quality natural rubies, are uncommon and they are in high demand, synthetics and imitations are prevalent. Also the treatment and enhancements of the rubies are more thorough than other gemstones. Therefore, before you embark on your search for the perfect ruby, first learn how to distinguish quality of a ruby to avoid possible pitfall. Hence, how so you guarantee you are shopping a top-quality and natural ruby when you have no prior experience? We’ve put together some essential tips on how to buy a quality ruby.

First and foremost you have to find the right gemstone expert to ensure you are getting the perfect ruby for your collection. Purchasing your ruby from the wrong gem company will only guarantee failure where you will get a poor quality stone that, meaning you will be getting losses. So, be keen on buying from an experienced and licensed gemstone company because such an organization will be keen on offering clients the best product on the market. Ensure the gemstone company you are buying from has the right certifications ensuring that they have right skills to treat, cut, enhance and check for the right quality stone. Settle for a gemstone company with considerable level experience in gemology like the rare gemstone company who have through the years polished their knack and understanding of the domain, and therefore can offer quality rubies.

Secondly you ought to understand that the color of the stone will vary although the primary color is red. For that reason, be sure you are checking on the color you want, more precisely the strength the color red. The ideal stone has an intense, rich cherry with the proper balance of light. You don’t want one that is too light or dark as it is less highly valued.

When it comes to buying rubies, you ought to check the clarity of your stone. You should know that although precious rubies is not as clear as the sapphire. For certain rubies, tremendously fine silk all over the stone is enough to augment the value. However, many rubies have a rich red fluorescence to daylight which adds considerably to the gem’s beauty. While a certain level of silk is necessary to give it a star effect seen in star ruby, too much of it dilutes the hues making it look grayish which is not desirable.

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