Month: October 2020

What happens when the minority rules America

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 06: Members of the press work outside of the U.S. Supreme Court on July 6, 2020 in Washington, DC. The Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion on Monday that says states can require Electoral College voters to back the winner of their states popular vote in a presidential election. The court also upheld a 1991 law that bars robocalls to cellphones. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

As we all march with trepidation towards Election Day, (or week or month), I figured I’d weigh in on politics a bit again. And of course there’s a business angle

Paddy purchase target at 74 million tonne, up 18{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} on year: Piyush Goyal

As for the ongoing kharif procurement, the Food Corporation of India has so far purchased 19 MT of paddy across the country, which is 24{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} higher than in the corresponding period last year.

The Centre has set a target to purchase 74.2 million tonne (MT) of paddy (nearly 50 MT in terms of rice) in the current kharif marketing season (October-March), 18{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} higher than last season’s 62.7 MT, minister for food and public distribution Piyush Goyal said on Friday.

Terming the current agitation by farmers in Punjab as politically motivated, he said the Centre is prepared for a dialogue to

Reliance Retail posts marginal decline in revenues

Net revenues stood at Rs 36,972 crore in Q2FY20.

Reliance Retail on Friday reported revenues of Rs 36,566 crore on a consolidated basis for the three months to September, a marginal decline over the previous year as lockdown-related restrictions on store operations were progressively eased during the quarter. Net revenues stood at Rs 36,972 crore in Q2FY20.

During the quarter, the company’s ebitda decreased to Rs 2,006 crore from Rs 2,322 crore in the year-ago period, a decline of 13.60{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811}, the company said in a presentation. The ebitda margin declined to 5.5{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} in Q2FY21 from 6.3{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} in Q2FY20.

“Overall, Reliance

Exxon posts third straight loss as pandemic hits demand, prices


3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks Offering at Least 8{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811}; Analysts Say ‘Buy’

America goes to the polls on Tuesday (well, actually, America has been early voting for a few weeks, now), and while Democrat Joe Biden has a solid lead in the polls, there is some of evidence that President Trump may still win a second term. Finally, with all of the early voting, mass absentee ballots, and possible extended counting deadlines, we might not know on Tuesday night who the winner is.It’s a situation made of uncertainty, and financial markets don’t like that. Which brings us to dividend stocks.

India, European Union walk on same lines; ECB too keeps policy rates unchanged due to unstable inflation

ECB said that the policy rates may remain at the present or lower levels until the inflation outlook converges close to the 2{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} inflation target set by the ECB. (Bloomberg image)

Unstable inflation rates across demographics are forcing central banks to keep monetary policy rates unchanged. While India’s inflation is likely to moderate in the second half of FY21, the deflation in the Euro area is likely to be negative until early 2021, said a report by Care RatingsEuro area witnessed a deflation of 0.3 per cent in September, compared with a 0.2 per cent deflation in the

Apple had a record September quarter in India; iPhone 12 getting tremendously positive response, says Tim Cook

International sales accounted for 59{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} of the quarter’s revenue.

Apple reported $64.7 billion in revenue marking a record fiscal fourth quarter on the back of strong demand for Mac and services, CEO Tim Cook announced during Cupertino’s earnings call on Friday. International sales accounted for 59{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} of the quarter’s revenue with the company also setting a September quarter record in India, “thanks in part to a very strong reception to this quarter’s launch of our online store in the country,” Cook said. Apple Store Online went live in India on September 23.

The Mac had its biggest quarter ever,

Is Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) Using Too Much Debt?

David Iben put it well when he said, ‘Volatility is not a risk we care about. What we care about is avoiding the permanent loss of capital.’ So it seems the smart money knows that debt – which is usually involved in bankruptcies – is a very important factor, when you assess how risky a company is. As with many other companies Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) makes use of debt. But is this debt a concern to shareholders?

When Is Debt A Problem?

Debt is a tool to help businesses grow, but if a business is incapable

Common man pays for states’ revenue loss; duties hiked this much for petrol, diesel, alcohol

The consequent rise in petrol and diesel prices is in the range of 60 paisa to Rs 8, while for alcohol, it is in the range of 10-120{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811}.

The common man of India is compensating for the revenue loss that the states had to undergo in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. To garner additional revenues during these unprecedented times, 22 states and Union Territories have hiked duties on petrol and diesel, while 25 states and UTs have hiked duties on alcohol. The consequent rise in petrol and diesel prices is in the range of 60 paisa to Rs 8,

India’s banks are like cricket team of 1990s, says CEA Subramanian

`The technology usage especially data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning can help improve the quality of assets.

Chief Economic Adviser K V Subramanian today said that the financial sector has to lead the growth and it has miles to go before it sleeps. K V Subramanian added that no country has been able to grow fast over a long period of time without its financial sector leading the growth. CEA  Subramanian further said that the Indian financial sector is like the 1990s cricket team which could write a lot about its domestic achievement, but not much when it

Europe Stocks Tumble to 5-Month Low; Futures Slide: Markets Wrap


3 Stocks Flashing Signs of Strong Insider Buying

For investors, finding the right sign is part of the game. Stocks don’t necessarily pick themselves, and the investors who do pick them need to know that they’re making the right choice. Fortunately for investors – and the safety of their portfolios – there are reliable signals that a stock is worth buying. One of the best is the insider buying.Insiders are corporate officers, deeply invested in their company’s success or failure, they are usually stockholders themselves – but they are responsible for more than just their own portfolios. Corporate officers