China pledged support for the World Health Organization, calling criticism of the group without merit. South Korea confirmed the lowest number of cases since experiencing a surge. The world’s biggest automated container terminal resumed full operations in Shanghai, as China reported 16 new cases.

President Donald Trump said signs “keep showing” the virus has passed its peak in the U.S., praising several governors for steps to reopen their states. The U.S. president raised the prospect that China deliberately caused the Covid-19 outbreak.

Spain will extend a lockdown for two weeks after joining the U.S. and Italy with more than 20,000 deaths. As the U.S. and Canada agreed to extend border limits to May 20, Israel planned to ease some restrictions.

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China Coal Miners Call for 10{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} Production Cut Amid Glut (12:19 p.m. HK)

A dozen Chinese anthracite coal miners have called on the industry to slash production by 10{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} from current levels amid weak demand caused by the virus outbreak.

While anthracite coal output is now back at last year’s levels, demand recovery has lagged, leading to a “severe mismatch” in market fundamentals, according to a statement published Saturday on the website of the China Coal Transport & Distribution Association.

Hormel’s Rochelle Foods Pauses Production for 14 Days (12:04 p.m. HK)

Rochelle Foods LLC, an Illinois, U.S.-based unit of Hormel Foods Corp., will suspend production for 14 days following a closure notice from local health authorities because of coronavirus spread in the area, the company said in a statement.

“Team members are working diligently to minimize the impact on operations and the products made there such as bacon products and microwave meals,” the company said.

World’s Biggest Container Port Reopens in China (10:16 a.m. HK)

The world’s biggest automated container terminal resumed full operations, according to a video posted on Xinhua News Agency’s official Twitter account. The Shanghai Yangshan port was on partial lockdown during the worst of the pandemic outbreak in China.

More than 260 cargo ships entered and departed from the port between April 1 and April 13, a slight increase from the same period last year, according to Xinhua.

U.K. Taps Former London 2012 Chief to Lead PPE Effort (10:08 a.m. HK)

Lord Paul Deighton, the former chief of the London 2012 Olympics, was appointed by Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock to lead the U.K.’s effort to produce essential personal protective equipment for frontline health and social care staff, according to a statement.

Australian Cases Rise Less Than 1{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} for 7th Day (9:58 a.m. HK)

The rate of increase in new cases of the coronavirus in Australia has held below 1{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} over the past seven days, as the nation holds tight on restrictive measures.

There were 53 new cases recorded in Australia in the 24 hours since 6 a.m. Saturday. Of the 6,586 confirmed cases, 69 have died and 4,163 have been reported as recovered. More than 411,000 tests have been conducted nationally.

South Korea Reports Fewest Cases Since Surge Started (9:21 a.m. HK)

South Korea posted the fewest number of new coronavirus cases since an outbreak at a religious sect in late February spiked daily infections to nearly 1,000 and set off a massive testing and tracing regime credited with curbing the virus’s spread.

South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it confirmed eight new cases in a 24-hour period, the lowest since Feb. 20 when the number of infections began rising exponentially after a parishioner of the 212,000-member Shincheongji church was confirmed with the virus. Prior to what has been labeled “patient no. 31,” South Korea had been averaging about three new cases a day.

Maduro Says Elections in Venezuela Not a Priority (9:10 a.m. HK)

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said it would be “irresponsible” to call for National Assembly elections amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“At this point I really don’t know if there will be elections this year,” he said in an interview on state television. “Because we have this priority and it would be irresponsible of me to say that there must be elections either way.”

Legislative elections are due to be held in 2020 by law, but High Court deliberations could rule them out.

China Praises WHO, Willing to Boost Support (9 a.m. HK)

China is willing to increase support to the World Health Organization as the world needs the group to eliminate Covid-19, a top Chinese diplomat said in a phone call with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

China’s government is in “firm support” of the WHO and criticisms are “groundless,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Ghebreyesus in a phone call on Saturday.

China confirmed 16 additional Covid-19 cases on April 18, with no new deaths, according to the National Health Commission. Of the new cases, 9 were imported from outside of China, it said. The country also reported 44 asymptomatic cases.

McDonald’s Suspends Operations in Singapore (8:45 a.m. HK)

McDonald’s Corp. suspended operations in Singapore, including drive-through and delivery services, until the end of the city’s “circuit breaker” period, Channel News Asia reported. The city-state reported a record increase in new cases on Saturday amid a jump in infections among migrant workers living in close quarters.

Trump Suggests Consequences for China (7:15 a.m. HK)

President Donald Trump raised the prospect that China deliberately caused the Covid-19 outbreak and said there should be consequences if the country is found to be “knowingly responsible.”

“Let’s see what happens with their investigation. But we’re doing investigations also,” Trump said. “If it was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake. But if they were knowingly responsible, yeah, then there should be consequences.”

Trump’s campaign sent a fundraising email last week that accused China of “lying” about the outbreak. But the president hasn’t been as harsh, and praised China for its handling of the pandemic.

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N.Y., N.J., Conn. Reopen Marinas (7:10 a.m HK)

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will let marinas and boatyards reopen for the personal use of vessel owners as long as strict social distancing and sanitation procedures are followed. Chartered services and rentals are not permitted and on-site restaurants are limited to take out or delivery, according to a joint statement. Governors of the states agreed to act to prevent “state shopping” for marinas.

Liner Heads to Genoa to End Journey (6 a.m. HK)

Carnival Corp. will dock one of its last remaining ships at sea in Genoa, Italy, next week, allowing almost 2,000 travelers to return home and ending a dramatic series of weeks for the cruise line.

Once the Costa Deliziosa reaches port, only one other ship is seeking a port to unload passengers. Carnival has struggled to find places to dock after suspending sailing in mid-March amid the outbreak.

The cruise liner set sail in early January from Venice with 1,814 guests and 898 crew members on an around-the-world journey. There are no Covid-19 cases reported on the ship, Carnival said in a statement.

Trump Cites Positive Trends (5:15 p.m. NY)

Trump said signs keep showing the coronavirus has passed its peak, noting the U.S. has “produced better health outcomes” than most other counties.

The president said the mortality rate is lower than for much of Western Europe except for Germany. He said Spain — which has more than 20,000 fatalities — has a mortality rate four times higher than the U.S., which has more than 37,000 deaths.

Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas and Vermont have taken “concrete steps” to reopen their economies, the president said at his daily White House briefing.

U.K. Draws Up Schools Plan (5:10 p.m. NY)

Senior U.K. government ministers have drawn up a three-phase plan that would allow schools to reopen as early as May 11, the Sunday Times reported.

The proposal, to be presented to Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he returns to work, also envisages reopening clothing stores and garden centers, and the resumption of full bus and rail services.

A second phase, beginning in late May or early June, would see more businesses reopen, while pubs and stadium events wouldn’t be allowed until at least July.

California Not Close to Reopening: Governor (4:20 p.m. NY)

California reported 87 deaths, one of the highest daily counts so far, as Governor Gavin Newsom said the state may not be close to loosening measures imposed to curb the spread. Total deaths rose to 1,072, Newsom said. The number of cases climbed 5.3{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811}, while patients in intensive care fell by a “modest” 0.1{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811}, he said.

“For those that think we’re out of the woods, those who think we’ve turned the page, those who think we can go back to the way things used to be, I caution you on the basis of that 87 number,” Newsom said.

Los Angeles County, the state’s biggest by population, reported a record 81 deaths as it added 642 new cases, county officials said, calling it “a sad milestone.”

South Africa Has Biggest Rise in Cases (4:15 p.m. NY)

South Africa reported 251 new infections on Saturday, its biggest daily increase, bringing the total to 3,034. That’s as community screening is rolled out, increasing the number of tests. About 7,194 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize told reporters one person is testing positive for every 38 checked. Deaths climbed by two to 52.

U.S. Cases Climb at Slower Pace (4 p.m. NY)

U.S. confirmed cases rose 3.4{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} from Friday, below the average daily increase of the past week, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News. The national daily increase has been 4.9{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} in the past week.

New York’s cases jumped 5.2{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} from the previous day, data showed. Delaware had a 12{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} increase in cases. Fatalities almost doubled to 37,079 from 18,769 a week ago, according to the data.

Deaths rose by more than 20{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} in West Virginia and Montana, and by more than 10{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware and New Mexico, according to data as of 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Brazil Cases, Deaths Rise (3:36 p.m. NY)

Brazil reported 2,917 new cases and 206 deaths in 24 hours, according to the nation’s Health Ministry. Total deaths rose to 2,347 from 2,141 on Friday. Sao Paulo state had 13,894 cases and 991 deaths, the government said.

Spain to Extend Lockdown 2 Weeks (3:05 p.m. NY)

Spain plans to extend a nationwide lockdown through May 9. The government will submit the proposal to Congress before the current state of emergency expires April 25, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said. While the government will not relax confinement, it will seek to allow children to leave their homes under strict rules, he said.

Israel Eases Restrictions (2:30 p.m. NY)

Israel will ease the lockdown imposed on the economy as the virus outbreak showed signs of slowing. Starting Sunday, offices can double the number of workers they use to 30{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} of staff, and stores selling goods like home furnishings and electronics can reopen, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised address Saturday night. Malls will remain closed.

Israel has 13,265 confirmed cases and 164 people have died.

N.J. Hospital Data Improves (2:15 p.m. NY)

New Jersey reported signs the coronavirus curve is flattening, with hospital discharges outpacing admissions and a slower rate of growth in cases and deaths. Governor Phil Murphy said new cases increased by less than 10{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} for a 12th straight day — 3,026 for a total of 81,420. The 231 additional fatalities follow four consecutive days of more than 300 deaths. Fatalities have passed 4,000.

Turkey Extends Quarantine Steps (2:10 p.m. NY)

Turkey extended quarantine measures in major cities for another 15 days as the spread of the coronavirus shows signs of slowing. The rules announced earlier this month apply to Istanbul, which has the bulk of reported cases, and 30 other cities.

New cases increased by 4.8{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} on Saturday, compared with a 12{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} increase 10 days earlier, according to Bloomberg calculations based on Health Ministry data. Another 121 deaths were reported Saturday, raising the total to 1,890.

French Death Rate Slows (1:50 p.m. NY)

Deaths in France rose by 642 to 19,323 fatalities, the Health Ministry said in an emailed statement, the smallest increase in five days. The number of infections rose by 5,715 to 173,956. Only the U.S., Spain and Italy have more fatalities.

The number of people hospitalized fell for a fourth day to 30,639, the biggest decline yet. Patients in ICU beds, an indicator of the outbreak’s intensity and its impact on the hospital system, fell for a 10th day to 5,833, the lowest since March 31, according to health ministry data.

Italy Has Fewest Deaths Since April 12 (12:20 p.m. NY)

Italy reported the fewest deaths in six days as new cases remained stable. The country registered 482 fatalities, down from 525 a day earlier, the lowest since April 12. Total deaths are 23,227. There were 3,491 new cases compared with 3,493 a day earlier, with the total now at 175,925. Patients in intensive care fell for a 15th day.

Pennsylvania Reports Most Daily Deaths (12:17 p.m. NY)

Pennsylvania reported 80 new deaths, the most on a single day, taking statewide fatalities to 836. A day earlier, the state had 49 deaths. The health department had 1,628 new cases, bringing the state’s total to 31,069.

Denmark Extends Aid Programs (12:15 p.m. NY)

Denmark extended aid programs to businesses and workers by a month, to July 8, and added new measures to increase spending by about 100 billion kroner ($15 billion), according to a statement.

The government said companies that pay dividends, buy back shares or are registered in tax havens won’t be eligible for the programs, which now amount to 400 billion kroner with loans and guarantees.

N.Y. Deaths Lowest in Almost Two Weeks (11:45 a.m. NY)

New York reported 540 deaths in the past 24 hours, down from 630 the previous day, Governor Andrew Cuomo said. The state’s death toll is now 13,362. It’s the first time the daily toll dropped below 600 in 12 days. The state reached a peak of 799 deaths on April 9.

Cuomo said new hospitalizations fell slightly, but for a third straight day the daily admissions remained higher than 1,900.

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