The definition of an agent is a person or company or institution that represents a company to make sales on behalf of the entrepreneur being represented.

The definition of billing is a process to collect debts so that someone who has receivables pays as promised.

So that it can be concluded, a collection agent is a person, it can be a company or institution that represents a collective effort to someone who has receivables on behalf of the person he represents.

About 1/3 of companies do not pay their bills on time. Only 2.5{c34e2c9cd63a11c97fab811dbaaefe0cfbb1edd2527888e1a44d36f3491ee811} of UK companies pay after 90 days. Small businesses are better payers than multinationals in most cases. When your clients are approached by a debt collection agency they will feel pressured to pay which increases the chances of paying off significantly.

In the field, collection agents are employed by creditor companies to collect payment of arrears from debtors. Apart from that collection agencies have other important duties. That is:

  1. Serve customers and are responsible for collecting payments that are in arrears within the specified maturity.
  2. Is a liaison between customers and credit providers or creditors
  3. Processing overdue customer accounts
  4. Register customers who have missed their due date
  5. Make a list and sort according to the level of violations committed.
  6. Provide information to customers about accounts that are past due and total debt up to the time the information is provided.
  7. Inform clients about accounts that are past due and current amounts owed.
  8. Analyze all terms of sale or documents for borrowing.
  9. Re-correcting customer information
  10. Ensuring customers are able to carry out payment responsibilities by looking at the customer’s background.

Here are the types of collection agencies and what they mean:

Health care Credit Collection Agency

The primary job of a health care credit collection agency is to collect debts from health care owners. Billing activities are carried out in a way that will not disturb the patient or nurse. Collected payables are debts in a loan contract between a healthcare provider and a collection agency.

Retail Collecting Agencies

This type of agent collects consumer debt from retail companies. The system is a debt collection agency that purchases discount claims from the debt of a retail company. Then receive full payment from the customer concerned.

Check Recovery Billing Agency

A check recovery collection agency is a type of agent whose personnel are specially trained. This is because the task assigned to this type of agent is to collect a former crime debt, namely to commit fraud by making payments that they do not have in their checking accounts.

This debt is very capable of making a business suffer losses and go bankrupt because it seriously disrupts the flow of business.

Debt collectors collect debts to borrowers directly after being given a report from the collector’s desk that the customer or customer has made payments in arrears, or has violated the loan contract agreement.

This section collects directly, meets with the borrower, sometimes you have to do a little emphasis so that the borrower feels a little threatened and makes repayments according to the loan contract that has been made.

However, debt collectors still have to collect in a way that has been determined by Standard Operations. Credit companies must still have humane SOPs, emphasizing deliberation, good meetings. Not committing violence that causes physical clashes or excessive pressure that makes the borrower actually experience psychological pain.

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