Things to Do In Case Gas Leaks Before You Call In a Plumber to Fix the Gas Line

Gas leaks from the gas line rarely occur in homes where plumbers are frequently hired to inspect and repair the gas line. Minor gas leaks can cause great carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, and fires. A persistent odor of rotten eggs will fill your home when a gas leak occurs. Leaking gas causes pets to change their behavior because the gas makes them uncomfortable, their eyes become watery and red, they lack appetite, vomit, are disoriented among many other symptoms. Signs and symptoms that you have been inhaling leaking gas from your gas line include difficulty breathing, dizziness, fatigue, decrease in appetite, nausea, ringing ears, nose bleeding, mood changes, light headaches, and chest pains. Here are things that you should do before you call in a plumber to fix a gas line leak.

No one in the house should use electric home appliances and devices or anything that produces heat such as a candle, lighter, matchbox, cigarettes and more. These appliances and items can trigger an explosion.

Leave home appliances, gas detecting alarm systems and the lights on if they were on to avoid sparks.

Everyone in the house should leave immediately including your pets if you suspect gas is leaking. Do not panic because you will end up rushing and hurting yourselves.

Leave the windows and doors of the house open as you leave the house. Do not stop to open the windows that were closed. Leaking gas will leave the house through the windows that were open and the doors that you are leaving open as you go outside the house.

Assemble at one point that is safe and away from the home when you get out of the house. Count the people and pets who are at the assembly point to ensure that you are all present.

If someone has inhaled the gas excessively, they need first aid because the difficulty in breathing, chest pains, headaches, fatigue, dizziness are severe cases that can make the person collapse. Contact an emergency number to take the pet of the person to a vet or medical center.

Your neighbors should know that there is an emergency in your home so that they can take precautions. You may be careful in your apartment not to trigger an explosion when a gas leak occurs but your neighbors can if they are not aware of the situation in your apartment.

You should not under any circumstances go back into the house for your pets, valuables or anyone who is trapped inside. You may not be lucky the second time you get back into the house because an explosion may occur before you get out.

Contact your gas company and emergency number. The professionals from the gas company and the fire department will check the house to ensure that everything is alright, shut off the gas line and get people and pets who were trapped in the house safely.

Contact a plumber to inspect the gas line further after the emergency is over so that no room is left to allow future gas leaks.

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