Facts You Should Be Aware Of When Choosing Orthodontic Retainers

If you want to have a complete treatment after undergoing any orthodontic procedures, you will be required to wear retainers to maintain your teeth in the right shape. Although the orthodontist may give you some of the recommended retainers, you will find several of them in the market, and you need to know the ones which will be beneficial to your teeth. You can always choose the perfect retainers when you know the different types which will match your needs, and the following are the necessary information about these useful products.

Retainers plays a crucial role in maintaining and protecting the correct position of the teeth and failing to wear them after removal of braces can mean that that the teeth can shift to their early position. When you buy the correct types of retainers it means that you will avoid the ability of the tooth to move back in unwanted position.

The first types of retainers were pink in color and made of wires making them visible once placed in the mouth. These days you can easily find clear retainers which will fit perfectly in your mouth and the thin wires placed behind the front teeth can make them less visible.

It takes some time before you can be free from the retainers because the teeth must adapt to the current position to facilitate bone alignment and attachment of the jaw. Once your teeth have been realigned to stay in the best position, it is essential to wear the retainers is because they allow a smooth transition of the process without experiencing any teeth trauma.

You need to understand the right ways of managing your retainer as they can easily get lost or be destroyed. You can increase the lifespan of the retainers by observing good maintenance practices such as cleaning them and flossing them regularly and also investing in the retainer cases for excellent storage.

The fixed retainers are mostly recommended because they are useful in aligning the teeth and they help to manage most of the extensive orthodontic treatment. When you have selected the removable retainers, you should maintain the program for good results because you can be tempted to remove them most times of the day or the night.

The best way to efficiently manage the retainers is to have time with your dentist so that they can inspect your to be free from cavities and to ensure that they are in perfect condition. Investing on the other items such as denture cleaners and mouthwash can also ensure that you maintain the retainers.

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